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Asking young people about their identity – what is good practice?

One way of finding out if you are inclusive is to gather information about your members. If you use a registration form then some of this information can be gathered by adapting your forms. A registration form allows people to describe themselves as they want – whether that is declaring that they have a disability or not, telling you what they consider their ethnic/cultural identity to be, perhaps what religion they are, maybe what languages they speak. Identity questions on registration forms should be optional. those filling them in must understand why you want the information i.e. to make your service better. You can also use forms to see who you are not engaging with.

Registration forms are not the only way to collect this information. Also there are identity questions that it would not be appropriate to ask young people through registration forms such as sexual oriention. For more advice and examples of registration questions go to Access All Areas Diversity Toolkit, Appendix 1 on this site