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Equality and Inclusion Support Network

A key strategic part of our work is the coordination of an Equality and Inclusion Support Network with key participants from NYCI’s member organisations. The members of the Network will together, and through their various organisations, work towards promoting and embedding an equality and inclusive approach in all youth work provision.

The first task undertaken by the Network was to do a mapping exercise, looking at current organisational practice and setting achieveable goals.

North South youth work

NYCI works to the greatest extent possible on a North South collaborative process through its partner Youthnet NI.

We are working on supporting Intergenerational work through sharing practice on a North South basis

We have developed the diversity toolkit, Access All Areas, into an All Ireland resource.

We are working on development of a framework for Quality Inclusive Practice in volunteer led groups

Practice seminars

Sharing practice

As part of its North South collaborative work NYCI have been involved in a number of All Ireland practice seminars. The reports on these are posted below. Watch this space for announcements of future seminars.