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Embedding Diversity in Youth Work

This training course from NYCI will introduce participants to the use of a newly developed Diversity Toolkit 'Access All Areas' for carrying out a diversity assessment on youth projects. It will demonstrate how to develop an action plan based on identified gaps in service. It will present practical routes to achieve new diversity goals.

Duration: 1 day

Numbers: The minimum number of participants is 10 and maximum is 22

Costs to an organisation: group fees are approximately €200 per day for NYCI member organisations or €400 per day for non-member organisation. Please contact us to discuss your needs

Learning content:

The Programme will:

  • Build understanding on the importance of diversity work and how to ensure that diversity is the norm in youth services.
  • Provide information on the needs and issues of diverse youth in the community,
  • Identify challenges and planning for change within a youth work setting.

In planning for change it

  • guides participants through a self-assessment of their organisations
  • examines practical ways to achieve new diversity goals
  • gives practical tips for engaging with a wide variety of young people;
  • leads participants through the development of an action plan to bridge the gaps identified in their service.

 Designed for:

This course will suit individuals that have a professional role – voluntary or staff - in a youth work setting. It is designed especially for anyone involved in planning, evaluation and programme development. 

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