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Meet the team

Anne Walsh, Intercultural and Equality Project Officer 

Anne had three years experience in project delivery with members of minority ethnic groups before joining NYCI. Her projects focused on integration and skills development using art and creative processes. Before that Anne studied for her degree and masters in anthropology in Dublin and New Zealand.

NYCI’s 2008 - 2012 strategic plan highlights its commitment to ensuring that an intercultural and inclusive ethos is an integral part of all youth work. Anne supports NYCI and its member organisations to bring an intercultural and inclusive approach to all youth work. Anne works with member organisations and others to adopt practices and policies to promote their own intercultural and inclusive youth work. Resources, information, training and advice on any aspect of inclusion, equality and interculturalism is available to youth workers, volunteers and organisations.

Anne may be contacted on 01-478 4122, on 086 817 7326 or by e-mail at

Sally Daly, Intercultural and Equality Officer

Sally has worked within community development and advocacy roles with people from an ethnic minority background over a number of years.  In recent years, her work has focused on supporting leadership development and empowering people toward meaningful participation e.g. Boards of Management.  She is experienced with training delivery and policy development within a community and youth work context and in supporting organisational up-skilling on diversity, inclusion, equality and on our interconnected and interdependent world.  Sally has a wider interest in the principles of equality across a broad range of interest groups.

Sally contributes as an occasional lecturer in community work and integration in NUIM and has a particular interest in the role of identity in critical youth and community work.  In 2015/2016, Sally worked as Refugee Resettlement Officer in Tipperary with families from Syria.  She has a degree in anthropology, a masters in social policy and a phd in local/global food networks.

Sally works in a part-time capacity.

Sally may be contacted on – 01 4784122 or 086 1448975 or by e-mail at