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Report on Consultations for an Intercultural Strategy for Youthwork


Compiled and written by Lisa Mauro-Bracken

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The National Youth Council of Ireland (NYCI) with the support of the Department of Education and Science (DES) and the National Action Plan Against Racism, produced a Report and Recommendations for an Intercultural Strategy for Youth Work. As part of this process, NYCI completed a consultation process to establish views on improving access to youth work opportunities for young people from Traveller and minority ethnic communities.

Youth work has particular characteristics, which make it suitable for working with young people from Minority Ethnic (ME) groups. These include diverse, learner-centred programmes, its focus on voluntary participation and flexible, adaptable methodologies. There is evidence of a commitment to, and interest in, intercultural youth work among both youth workers and young people in the ongoing activities of many youth organisations. However, there remains a need for greater strategic direction, support and coordination in this area to ensure that a commitment to inclusive, intercultural practice becomes a sustainable feature of youth work in Ireland.

This report summarises information gathered as part of the focus group consultations held with young people, their parents, youth workers and representatives of minority ethnic communities including youth workers from minority ethnic backgrounds. It highlights the range and depth of comments made during the consultation phase of the development of an Intercultural Strategy for Youth Work.