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Intercultural Youthwork Flyer

NYCI have published a flyer on Intercultural Youth Work. It explains NYCI's service and support to intercultural youth work in Ireland.
Download here

It includes information as follows:

What is Youth Work?

What is Interculturalism?

Who is NYCI?

NYCI's service for intercultural youth work:

  • Training
  • Resources
  • Outreach
  • Policy & Advocacy

In addition, the section 'What is Youth Work?' and 'What is Interculturalism?' has been translated into 8 languages: Arabic, Chinese, French, Irish, Polish, Portugese, Romanian and Russian.

These translations can be downloaded and printed to give to parents to explain what youth work is.

Hard copies of the flyer are available by request from NYCI Intercultural Office.

NYCI extends its appreciation to those volunteers who translated the above material.