Equality & Intercultural

The Equality and Intercultural Programme at NYCI is here to support you to embed equality, inclusion, diversity and interculturalism in your youth work setting.

We provide a unique and innovative suite of training programmes, resources, policy development, advice, and networking opportunities. We have carried out research to support youth work organisations to engage more effectively with young people from minority ethnic backgrounds. Central to our work is hearing the voice of young people furthest from the mainstream. NYCI members are invited to join our Equality and Inclusion Support Network.

Our equality and intercultural support includes:

  • Access All Areas Diversity Toolkit (a self assessment tool for youth workers and managers) 13 Chapters – with checklist – on working with young people from minority or marginalised groups
  • Lets Act on Inclusion video series 
  • 8 Steps to Inclusive Youth Work – a self-assessment tool to see how your organisation is performing on inclusion related issues – mapped against your reporting in NQSF and the National Youth Strategy – with good practice examples from 16 youth organisations.
  • Educational Tool and Practice Manual on Transforming Hate in Youth Settings: an Educational Tool and Practice Manual
  • Transforming Shadows activity resource for those working with young people on resilience, emotional development and overcoming conflict.
  • Bridges & Barriers to Unity a toolkit for youth work to promote diversity and inclusion.
  • Beyond hate activity resource for youth workers
  • See the research Make Minority a Priority on the experiences of minority ethnic young people’s experiences growing up in Ireland.
  • Are you looking for an answer to a specific question?
  • Is there an issue you would like to see some discussion on?
  • Are you looking for a resource that could help you in your work?
  • Would you like to make contact with others doing intercultural and inclusive youth work?
  • Would you like training in intercultural and inclusive youth work?
  • Are you looking for support on the equality and inclusiveness requirements in the NQSF?
  • Would you like the names of drama or art facilitators with expertise in intercultural and inclusive youth work?
  • If you have a question, concern, request or comment please email Anne anne@nyci.ie or phone 01 4784122 or 086 7807705


Transforming Hate in Youth Work Settings

This course is delivered by a team of Trainers who worked with the National Youth Council of Ireland, in partnership with 4 European organisations- Peace Institute (Finland), Ljubljana Pride (Slovenia), Interfaith Scotland (UK), Hamoment (Portugal) on an innovative Erasmus+ funded project exploring how to transform hate in youth work settings.

8 Steps to Inclusive Youth Work

Youth organisations can find it difficult to report on their inclusive youth work practice: “What should it look like?”; “Have we done enough?”; “Have we fallen short in some areas?”; “How do we do inclusion work in the context of other demands?”; “What are the key things we need to know to meet the key needs of minority and marginalised young people?”

Designing an Intercultural Programme

On day one the course follows the structure of the ‘Intercultural Awareness and Cultural Competency’ training day. On the second day participants will develop practical skills to engage with young people and volunteers in a culturally diverse setting, as well as planning and delivering their own session on Interculturalism and inclusion.


Let’s Act on Inclusion – A Video Series

Each short clip in the video series can be used as a standalone resource to raise discussions within youth groups, or in conjunction with the free […]

The Diversity Project Report Pack

The Diversity Project is a collaborated piece of work between The Canal Communities Regional Youth Service, The Canal Communities Intercultural Centre, Drama Facilitator Eimear Morrissey, and […]

How do I get the balance in my head?

“This journey began with high-levels of demands for support to self-organise from young people of ethnic minority background. At first glance, this was an encouraging trend […]

The Scheme to Support National Organisations is funded by the Government of Ireland through the Department of Rural and Community Development

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